One idea is all it takes

24 June 2019

 One idea, a strong work ethic and good monetary discipline are three key factors that can change anyone’s living conditions. Kamla Devi, is a resident of the village Ujiyar Bahera in the state of Bihar. She is a housewife to an agriculturist and a mother to two sons. The family lived on month to month expenses with little to no savings, and an aversion to thoughts about the sons’ future or education. As member of Chaitanya since 2017, she began a mobile currency and internet shop in the village market area. With a starting loan of 20,000/- in her first cycle with Chaitanya she set up the shop, with her son managing the front desk. Following the success, she further expanded the shop to include copier machines and computer systems with a second cycle loan of 50,000/- and engaged her second son too in the shop. Now confident in her business abilities she looks to expand to different areas and open a chain of such shops and provide employment opportunities to others in her village and nearby areas. Chaitanya is proud to have stood behind a strong force like Kamla Devi who went from living meal-to-meal to thinking of expanding her own business in just two cycles of credit