Chandini Kaur

17 June 2019

Chandini Kaur resides in the small community of Kedli Kala in the state of Jharkand and has been a customer of Chaitanya for two cycles now. She comes from a family of traders who primarily make some decorative show pieces for homes and offices. They have been in the business for two generations now, starting with her father in law. The gents of the family travel to different towns and villages either to acquire the raw materials or to sell the finished goods.


After raising some capital through Chaitanya, they increased their workforce by around five people, this excluding the house members who work alongside. They sell their products primarily in the fairs and flea markets around their area and have their highest profit margins there. Though now having the ability to scale up their output, the family business has begun to take some wholesale orders from the local shopkeepers. They boast of how their entire business’s turnover averaged around 25 to 30 thousand before joining hands with Chaitanya, and now just their retail part of the business easily gives them 30 thousand worth of business in a month.