17 June 2019

Kasuri is a resident of Hirevankalkunte village, Koppal District where we have a branch. The village has 800 houses.  Kasuri’s is a four member family with husband and two children. The eldest Chetan is 15 years and Ravikumar is 9 years old. Earlier to 2012, husband Virupakshi was working at a local eatery on daily wages. Kasuri was working as an agricultural labourer. In early 2011, Virupakshi left his job at the local eatery and opened a small road side tea stall due to irregular payments at the local eatery. 


When the couple heard about Chaitanya, they applied for a loan to expand their tea stall into a small eatery. They got a loan of Rs. 12,000 which they used to rent a place and make the initial investment in their eatery business. Business did well, but the owner of place asked them to vacate after 6 months. In a year’s time, Kasuri took another loan of 25,000 from Chaitanya in July 2012. This time the couple took up land from the Panchayat on lease near the government bus stand and invested in setting up their eatery. At the new place, the business did very well. They employ 2 helpers on a daily wage basis in addition to both husband and wife working in the eatery. In early 2014, Kasuri has again taken a 25,000 loan from Chaitanya for further expanding their eatery business. Their family income has gone up from Rs. 3500 a month before they had their own business to Rs. 10,000 a month now after paying all their business expenses.