Nilavva Yallappa Mutagi

17 June 2019

 Well, this is not only a short story but also something else. Spare some time to read Nilavva’s real life story who shared this with us. Nilavva Yallappa Mutagi, is our customer, aged 48yrs resident of Kamadenu, There are 2 members in the family Nilavva & her granddaughter Kalavati. Nilavva is basically uneducated & married Mr.Yallappa from Belavantara village in early age both were happy with the married life. One bad day when they were working in the farm Nilavva’s leg was bitten by a snake. But poison not affected immediately as Nilavva was 4months pregnant by that time.Nilavva parents took her to Kamadenu for delivery during 6months of her pregnancy & she had given birth to girl baby. When baby was 1 month old Nilavva started facing problem with her leg for snake bite which happened with her months back. Same time her husband married another girl. Nilavva spent nearly 9 years in KMC hospital, Hubli for leg treatment but nothing got solved doctor suggested to cut the leg permanently for which Nilavva was not ready. Slowly her brothers also started neglecting to take further responsibility of her. She came out of the family with her baby & started staying in the village temple for 5months, with the help of villagers’meal she used to run her day today life. By seeing her leg pain villager decided to help her further treatment but the option was again she need to go for artificial leg. 

 Nilavva lost hope for living but listening to villagers & doctors she finally operated with artificial leg.Nilavva became bit confident with her leg & thought herself why wasting time in always thinking about my problems? I can also lead my life happily & show my husband that am happier than before. She learnt tailoring & approached NGO for sewing machine, received 30-40 land from govt. With the financial support from govt subsidy & MFI loan she constructed house in half of the site. With the maximum support from Govt,NGO & MFI facilities she was able to manage her family expenses.

 After a year’s her daughter got married but due to dowry problem she committed suicide living 3 children(Yallappa 5yrs,Kalavati 2yrs & Nagaraj 6months) when family not ready for these children responsibility Nilavva decided to take Kalvati where her son in-law taken Yallappa's responsibility & Nagaraj(6 month old) baby been adopted by neighbor village high school teacher.

 At present Kalavati (14yr) staying with her grandmother(Nilavva) pursuing her high school education with the help Nilavva.Lot more problem in the life brought learning & change in Nilavva life for each step she lost hope but stepped forward always with confident

Today she is live example for a villager (Especially widow, Separated & unmarried women) who is desperate. When we met her she is very active & doing multiple tasks with one artificial leg like tailoring, Baskets weaving, Hand craft (Kasuti), being uneducated she is earning commission by acting as an agent for insurance, earning small amount of money by helping villagers in getting widow/old age pension not only this, with the help of her contacts she is helping villagers hospital assistance (like Where to go, how to go, whom to meet in the hospital) etc.

After receiving benefits from Govt,NGO,MFI, insurance company (Plot, sanitary facility, sewing machine, finance support, mobile phone) she is expecting handicap bike from the people who is really interested into help her for further. This bike will help her in doing activities quickly. She is aiming to construct the house in other half land with the help of govt subsidy or MFI loan in earning further income from letting it for rent.In the age of 48 Nilavva is more interested to take skill based training which will help her to make the products which she can easily combine with her tailoring business to earn some more profit.