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Product Manager for 2W Loans

The Company has multiple Loan Products like Two Wheeler Loans, Micro Housing Loans, Dairy loans in addition to the JLG loans.  In addition there are other products being developed like Small Business loans and Education Loans. All these loans will be appraised and distributed through the branches and the operations team takes accountability for business volumes, sourcing, collections and followups on late payments.  The Two WheelerProduct Manager plays the role of coordinating with the operations team to further the interests and deliverables of the product.  He takes accountability for Design and Marketing of the housing loan, Design of the Process, Definition of the Credit Underwriting guidelines and all product policy matters. The Two WheelerPM is responsible for the full deliverables on the product, principal among them being Business Volume and Growth, Portfolio and Risk (PAR AND Overdues), Operating Costs and Credit Costs.  The Two Wheeler PM’s primary focus is to supportthe operations Managers like Divisional and Regional managers in Implementing the Product / Operational Process and ensuring compliance to under writing guidelines.  Monitoring the performance of Branches / Regions on the Products, Including Portfolio growth, Portfolio at Risk, Recovery performance.  Ensuring that adequate resources and knowledge is provided to the operating team to deliver on the results expected out the Product.  The person needs to have an understanding of the costs and risks of the Product.

A suitable Candidate would have more than 3 years in Financial Services as a Product Manager.  A MBA qualification is useful but analytical skills and Risk management are the key technical skills needed. A key skill required is to be adept at Cross Function Work and at convincing and prodding Operations team into putting in their best efforts for the Product.  The person should be good at MS excel, have sound Numerical Skills and should be good at Analysing and Interpreting Data.  The Person should have a sound understanding of Business Economics and Unit Economics.  The Two WheelerProduct Manager should be able to deeply understand risk in the product and understand the cost and effort at mitigating them.  Principally the Two WheelerProduct Manager has to take ownership for the deliverables for the product and work with the operations team to meet his goals.   Prior Exposure to Two Wheeler Loan Products delivered to the lower Income Segment would be very useful.