Rating & Grading

Chaitanya’s performance has been rated majorly as stable based on the following parameters by reputed Rating and Grading agencies.

Rating Instrument Rating Agency Rating and Grading
Bank Facilities CRISIL
A (Stable)
A (Stable)
Long-term Debt Instruments CRISIL
India Ratings & Research
A (Stable)
IND A/Stable
Subordinated Debt ICRA
India Ratings & Research
A- (Stable)
IND A/ Stable
Market Linked Debenture ICRA PP-MLD [ICRA]A- (Stable)
Commercial Paper Programme ICRA
India Ratings & Research
Comprehensive Microfinance Grading (Institutional Gradings & Code of Conduct Assessment) The SME Rating Agency (SMERA) M1C1
Gold Level Client Protection Certification (according to the new Client Protection Certification Framework promoted by SPTF and CERISE) M-CRIL inclusive microeconomics Gold