Chaitanya aims towards the overall development of the underserved in addition to Financial Services and hence actively participates in the community-building activities every year, related to Health care, Disaster Relief, and other volunteer activities. Chaitanya strives to be a valuable contributor to the economic, social and environmental progress of India.

CSR projects approved by the Board

  • CSR Projects approved by the Board for the Financial Year 2020-21

  • CSR Projects approved by the Board for the Financial Year 2021-22

  • CSR Projects approved by the Board for the Financial Year 2022-23

  • CSR Projects approved by the Board for the Financial Year 2023-24


Skill Development Programs

“We are more powerful when we empower each other.” Chaitanya always focuses on community development and organizes community-building activities. Here is a glimpse of the recently conducted Skill Development Program in association with Microfinance Institution Network (MFIN) Nesari and Chandigarh village of Kolhapur district. It was a 5-day Beautician workshop where 60 JLG women customers participated and learned the basics of the course.

Live-Stock Vaccination and Free Health Camp

Chaitanya conducted CSR Activity in Satara district, Maharashtra from Jan – to March 2021. In collaboration with Government Veterinary Hospital, Chaitanya arranged a Live-Stock Vaccination and Free Health Camp in the Murgud region. These Health Camps were established at Akurale, Hargudewadi, Asandoli, Rukadi, Bhodale, Kasaba Tarale, Siddhanerali, Harali, and Adkur. The motive behind organizing a Veterinary Health Camp is to provide free checkups for the Livestock and to impart knowledge to the livestock owners and farmers. Health checkups, vaccination, and tagging were done for all the cattle who attended the camp. Trained government doctors performed deworming, tick infestation, castration, artificial insemination, and blood checkup. Cattle were diagnosed with various diseases and hence took treatment for the same in the Health Camp. At Asandoli village, around 250 farmers attended a workshop and got enlightened on managing cattle and crops. Chaitanya feels humbled to be able to create a positive impact on society.

COVID safety kit distribution

In FY21-22, the CSR initiative of Chaitanya ranges from providing flood relief, funding to employability foundation, assisting vaccination drives, providing COVID relief kits to local police stations, and taking up voluntary social work for the betterment of the community, etc. Chaitanya’s Karnataka team conducted vaccination camps and distributed covid safety supplies in Shimoga, Davangere, Chitradurga, Chikkamanglur, Bellary, Raichur, and Gulbarga. Each COVID safety kit is comprised of masks, machine sanitizer, hand sanitizer, liquid handwash, and more.

Lime Kiln Building

Chaitanya in partnership with Nivasa helped the villagers of Mustur, Jaglur Division in building a more durable, efficient limekiln as part of its CSR activities. The lime kiln is designed by the students of BMS Engineering College Bangalore, under the guidance of Dr. Ragunath, and are designed to be more durable, and long-lasting while giving a better quality of lime for the villagers.

One Branch One Tree

Chaitanya staff in Sholapur Division came together to create awareness of sanitation and environmental protection. In the Sastur Village of the division, Chaitanya staff held a cleanliness drive and under the banner of the “One Branch One Tree” program planted a tree on the premises of the local hospital.

Financial Literacy and Awareness Program

Chaitanya conducted Financial Literacy and Awareness Program in the villages. The core objective of this program is to impart knowledge to villagers about basic banking and available government schemes in the banks like- PMJDY, PMJJBY, PMSBY, APY, SSY, LPG Subsidy, etc. With this, we are also educating villagers about the usage of Jan-Dhan Accounts to obtain its benefits. Conducting these programs in local languages to be better understood by our villagers. The Financial Literacy program was conducted by Chaitanya in Sokke Village in 2016 by Mr. B N Huliraj, FLCC Canara Bank[Amulya], Jagalur and from Chaitanya, Mr.Sandeep Adyanthaya, Regional Manager, Jagalur, and Mr. Ningaraj Branch Manager of Jagalur & his team participated in this program.

Skill Development Trainings

With the goal to increase community awareness about Skill Development training in RUDSETI, RSETI, VSETI & Other training institutions, collectively conducted awareness programs in the villages. These programs are helped us to create awareness in the rural community. The program module covers the entire information about residential training like Available skill training, Training period, stay facility, Food facility, Future support, Bank linkage, etc which is provided by the RUDSETI & RSETI. Training applications were distributed to all the participants. These applications are in the local language and help villagers to select the training in which they are interested. As the training is evenly distributed by focussing on male & female beneficiaries.

Enterprise Development Program

Chaitanya undertook the project of making Tambulam Bags. The main objective of this project is to identify the basic tailors who are interested to stitch Tambulam Bags & earn minimal wages in their spare time. The initial survey was undertaken for men & women in Hosadurga, Jagalur, and Chitradurga areas. Finally, the project was completed by producing 5000 Tambulam Bags after working with 8 different tailors staying in & around the Chitradurga district. This project helped us to create livelihood income, especially for Widows, Separated & Divorced women.