Employee Testimonials

Chaitanya provides a plethora of learning opportunities in the initial stage which helps an individual grow.

We are not restricted to only one domain and get visibility of what’s happening in the organization as a whole. These things excite me to look forward to working with Chaitanya.

- Sachin Taparia, Manager – Business Excellence

As a Chief of Staff, I got the opportunity to work closely with the top management. The culture allows you to make mistakes and learn from them, promotes talent from within as the first option, and recognition/praise are at the forefront of the core values.

The team is extremely inviting, courteous and professional. The leadership team has amazing plans for the next few years.

- Santhosh JS, Chief of Staff

My role has given me the opportunity to dabble with a lot of topics and engage with multiple stakeholders on a daily basis in a very short time frame. I doubt that my learning curve would be this steep elsewhere. Chaitanya makes you feel respected and valued as an employee. As Chaitanya has set sights on being the biggest MFI in the country by 2025, you get to grow as Chaitanya grows, which is why I believe it is a great place to be working in.

- Nivedita Naik, Project Manager - IT

I’m Sanjay Herkal, Regional Manager, Shivamogga, Karnataka. I joined Chaitanya in 2018 as a Branch Manager and gained experience for 2 years in the Lokapur Branch. Post getting promoted to Unit Manager, I got posted to Bailhongal Unit for 8 months. Now while working as Regional Manager in Shivamogga I experienced a lot of professional growth. In Chaitanya, we get ample opportunities to learn and improve.

- Sanjay Herkal, Regional Manager

I’m Navin Kumar, Cluster Audit Manager, Bihar. I became a part of the Chaitanya family in 2017 and started my career in MFI as a CRE. Here, I’ve learnt everything from scratch. I’m glad to share that in every role I played, I’ve received complete support and guidance from my Managers.

- Navin Kumar, Cluster Audit Manager

I’m Sandip Kesapgol, Regional Training Manager, Hospet, Karnataka. I joined Chaitanya in 2016 as Branch Manager and have found my forte in the training department. I’m currently working as Regional Training Manager. Chaitanya is a rapidly growing company and provides ample of opportunities.

- Sandip Kesapgol, Regional Training Manager

Why choose Chaitanya

Inspiring Stories

Over the years, Chaitanya’s cam eacross many employees who inspire people with their dedication, commitment and hard work. Here are the testimonials of individuals who contributed in the success of the organisation and play an importany role in improving lives of our customers.

Mr. Sandeep G M

Manager – Quality Check

Hospet, Karnataka

When I started my professional life, there were very few job opportunities in the Belgaum district (my hometown). I got this opportunity to join as a CRE. The time in Chaitanya was great exposure because of the senior’s support and cooperative teammates. It helped me in self-development and career growth. After a few years of experience, I was promoted to BM, I also played the role of RCM, DCM. And now I am Manager – Quality Check of Hospet, Karnataka. It’s all thanks to Chaitanya that I’m where I am now. Every resident in my village appreciates my success and respects me in many aspects. Chaitanya has given me everything and I am grateful for that. In the coming future, I see myself thriving even more in the organisation.

Jeyaseelan L

Cluster Manager – Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu

My journey with Chaitanya commenced as being appointed as the first Regional Manager in the Jaglur region and currently, I’m leading the Tamil Nadu Business Team. When I reminisce about the past 11 years, I perceive that It was the right decision to enter the organisation and start my NBFC journey. he founders had lots of patience, commitment and belief to train the ground team and to build the culture of the company. I have always believed to put all my efforts to accomplish the task I’ve been assigned and achieve maximum perfection in my work. I have received the fairly deserved appreciation and timely acknowledgement for my efforts. Based on my experience with the organisation I can definitely say that Chaitanya is one of the best places to work and develop one’s career provided you are sincere, involved and committed to work. When I look around, I realize that people who were there with the company for a long time have also achieved remarkable growth. Chaitanya’s focus has always been on uplifting the rural part of the country through its services, employment opportunities and CSR activities. If our services are creating a positive effect on the customer’s family then only our efforts are worth it.

Naveen Kumar H

Senior Manager, Retail Loans


Naveen is one of the earliest employees of Chaitanya who joined the family back when it was still an NGO and then moved over to be one of the first CREs of the company. “From a very young age I was driven to having a job as early as possible,” he says thinking back to those times. Through his hard work, he was quickly promoted to the branch manager of Bailahongala. “It was a lot of work setting up the branch and understanding what needed to be done, but guidance from Anand Sir and Samit Sir gave me the confidence to get through the process,” says Naveen. Naveen explains “I realised that the company’s growth and my growth are intertwined” During his tenure as the Regional Manager of Hulugunda this challenge of his career, ‘Demonetization’. The chaos and clutter of the situation gave the opportunity for some different experiences to Naveen. He sees that crisis period as a learning curve that allowed him to learn new things and handle more immense pressures. He currently works as the Senior Manager – Retail loans at head office and he tells that he continues to be a part of Chaitanya for all the guidance and direction it has given him and talks proudly about how it gave him a platform to discover his strengths and improve on his weakness.