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The Group Loan from Chaitanya India was created to provide women with access to loan opportunities in order to address their financial requirements. We are committed to advancing the empowerment of women in India. We provide loans for women’s to start business in India and help them better their standard of living. Both their business and their material demands are boosted by it.

JLG loan in Karnataka

All of us have goals and desires we want to achieve, but frequently we end up conceding. Furthermore, acquiring money for a new idea is one of the largest challenges women encounter. The business could be as straightforward as starting a small store or engaging in a variety of different entrepreneurial pursuits. Unfortunately, because of their lower income, many businesses turn away loans for women. Chaitanya India offers loans for ladies in India to empower rural women, in response to these interests of women. Without being concerned about their income, they can organize a group and receive financial assistance. We are giving women the chance to realize their aspirations and achieve financial independence by way of a special program.

Being a major rural microfinance organization, Chaitanya has always placed importance on recognizing and supporting rural households that are underrepresented and have less access to financial services. Groups of women can apply for loans from Chaitanya’s JLG Microfinance loans, which range from 20,000 to 80,000 rupees and can be used to start, expand, or extend a business. The confirmation or refusal of the loan application is communicated swiftly thanks to our distinctive and transparent loan review and distribution process.

Key Features and Benefits

Small Sums Provided

Small amounts are available for the JLG microfinance. We ensure that we have a variety of amounts offered as loans so that it meets the diverse requirements of our clients.

Brief-Term Loans

There are loans available with terms ranging from 12 to 24 months. We believe in giving our clients short term loans as this mitigates the risk factor considerably.

Exclusively For Women

Only women are eligible to apply for this loan. Through the JLG loan in Karnataka we strive to reach out to as many women beneficiaries as possible.

No Deposit is Necessary

Women are not required to put up security when applying for the loan. We go a step beyond in ensuring that our clients are not driven away because of any hurdles, we remove these obstacles each step of the way.

Strong Eligibility

Despite what others may think, we say yes and believe that anything is possible. We’ll work closely with you to create a business loan that matches your needs exactly!

Eligibility Criteria for Group Loan

Before applying for a loan, it’s critical to confirm your eligibility. Your ability to obtain a loan is determined by the sum of your eligibility requirements. To qualify for the group loan for women in India, candidates must meet the necessary requirements

Mandatory Documentation

The clients should meet the standards for KYC documentation in order to be eligible for the group loans.

Appropriate Age

The client’s age should range from 18 years to 58 years. This is an important barometer to check if the client fits the prescribed norms while availing for financial aid.

No Adverse Credit Record

Must not have a bad credit history. The best interest rates on loans are offered to those with good credit scores.

Accepted Credit Standards

Must adhere to Chaitanya India’s accepted credit standards in order to avail the benefits offered.

Mutually Beneficial Clientele

Ought to be part of a group of clients that are willing to mutually guarantee loan payback. The group will be responsible to each other; hence this is supremely important to keep in mind.

How to Apply for Group Loan

You can apply for a JLG loan in Karnataka for women with Chaitanya India using any of the following four techniques:
● You can sign up online through our website, and your loan will be granted relatively immediately
● You can reach us at 2675 6767 or 2675 0010, which are open from 9 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Saturday. Even a call back request is possible.
● Even our virtual assistant is available around-the-clock so you may apply.
● Additionally, you can physically stop by any of our nearest branches to speak with a lending specialist. Visit the Chaitanya India location that is closest to you, and a Loan Executive will walk you through the application procedure.

Required Documents for Group Loan

● Photographs of the Applicant and the Co-Applicant
● Proof of residence for the Applicant and Co-applicant (Voter ID Card, UID, Driving License)
● Identity proof documents – PAN card, Form 60 for the Applicant and Co-applicant
● Proof of home ownership

Frequently Asked Questions

JLG is a loose association of four to ten people working in related fields who came together to apply for loans through a group mechanism with mutual guarantees.
Women have historically been a significant minority when it comes to loans. But no longer! Special business lending programmes are available to women to encourage their entrepreneurial spirit and get them closer to economic independence.
Depending on your options, you can seek a loan for women in a number of ways: online, via phone, by email, or by visiting the nearest branch.
A bank may provide funding to a JLG in one of two ways: either directly to the group or to an individual member. In either situation, the loan repayment is the responsibility of the entire JLG.

There is no requirement for collateral for the loans to JLGs.